National Championship

National Championship Weekend

2024’s National Championship Weekend will take place in Edgewood, Maryland from May 18-19. All NGLL teams are welcome to attend the MDW tournaments. Regional Champion will be placed in Championship brackets and all other teams will be placed in round-robin divisions.


Edgewood, MD

National Champions

Division Team MVP
2027 A Hero's 2027 Green, MidAtlantic Region Brynn Howes
2027 B Triple Threat Elite 2027, NY Metro Region Nadia Dire
2028 A Coppermine 2028 Black, MidAtlantic Region Carly Aldridge
2028 B Jersey Shore Select 2028, NY Metro Region Nylah Ladu
2029 A Hero's 2029 Green, MidAtlantic Region Caroline Berger
2029 B Maryland United 2029 West, MidAtlantic Region Sydney McCoy

2022 Champions

Division Team MVP
2026 A M&D 2026 Black Maria Bragg
2026 B M&D 2026 Red Annabelle Williams
2027 A M&D 2027 Black Taylor Fique
2027 B Eaglestix 2027 Grey Madelyn Evans
2028 A Eaglestix 2028 Blue Bryce Birkholz
2028 B CCLAX 2028 Loralei Borlik